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Simple ways to Stop the Excessive Sweating

Have you been confronted in an embarrassing situation wherein you had to face allot of people and yet you were dripping and soaking with excessive perspiration? There were no concrete medical explanations as to why this happens. It might be due to emotional impact of a situation that  was inflicted on you or some other so called hearsay’s. No matter how it originated, the main concern here is to eliminate the undesirable excessive sweating that often caused you shame.


There were those times that I did not want to go to events or I sat at the back of the class room just to keep from being noticed. I have always had excessive perspiration; from my underarm to my body and even my palms and feet. I guess all over I sweat excessively this often made me looked like wet duck. I seldom go to parties and any gatherings because of my condition. However, time came when I needed to  work and be with many people of whom I have to spend most of my time with. This made me feel as though I was in Turmoil deep within me I  began to startle my consciousness which made me realized that I had to find effective solution and fast!

True enough, after several products testing, I came across Stop Sweating and Start Living this helped me solve my sweating problems. Take note, this program is so easy, safe, and almost cost-free. Stop Sweating And Start Living doesn’t involve any medications or creams; these are all with the lifestyle and the food that we eat. Isn’t it intriguing? At first, the program did not appeal to me because after all those pills, creams, antiperspirants, and all the other stuff that I purchased in the past just to eliminate the extreme sweating, who could have believe that there is still one thing I haven’t tried?

Shortly after 2 weeks of the program, I managed to face my colleagues without any trace of wet marks on my shirt. I gained my confidence back and have become more productive with my work. It really is “no more sweat” even when I am under pressure. Glad I found Stop Sweating And Start Living it has really given me a whole new me.

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Stop Sweating and Start Living

פברואר 7, 2009

stop sweating and start living

stop sweating and start living

Stop Sweating and Start Living

By baharanji1

What are the medical issues and details behind excessive sweating? Did you know that about 1% some say even 2% of the worlds population suffers from excessive sweating. With this article there is thorough, comprehensive, and up to date information in regards to excessive sweating. Excessive sweating or as its known in medical literature as hyperhidrosisis a clinical condition where parts of the body are sweating beyond what the body needs. It is commonly an inherited condition and can affect those who suffer from it on a social, functional, and emotional level. The good news is, there are several different ways to combat excessive sweating with varying levels of effectiveness depending on the severity of the excessive sweating problem.

First let’s see the most two common sweating regions:

1-Hand Sweating / Sweaty Palms:  or as its known as palmar hyperhidrosis is the most common form of excessive sweating. Those who suffer from it start having the symptoms at a young age usually grade school. Its intensity can vary among people. It does have a genetic relation and about 50% of the patients have a family history with the condition. Recently the exact genetic location was found but a practical treatment with these new findings is still a long ways off. It can affect a person on a functional, emotional, and social level.

This condition is primarily a physiological issue but it can be aggravated by emotional stimuli. Physiological meaning that the person can not control the level of sweating or timing of it. Attempts to control this condition are numerous and they range from lotions, pills, herbal medications, bio feedback, electric currents (iontophoresis), acupuncture, to surgery. It should be emphasized that patients who suffer from severe excessive hand sweating should try at least some of the conservative approaches before any decision is made to go ahead with surgery.

In the past surgery meant a very extensive and invasive approach to get to the sympathetic nervous system located in the chest cavity. But these days without having to have any kind of surgeries , thanks to this miraculous e-book of STOP SWEATING AND START LIVING all things are possible now.

2Sweaty Armpit / Axillary Hyperhidrosis : Armpit sweating or as its known as axillary sweating is another form of excessive sweating. It can be associated with palmar hyperhidrosis in about 40% of the cases or it can be presented on its own. The armpit area has two types of sweat glands, eccrine and apocrine glands. The eccrine glands will be affected by sympathectomy and not so for the apocrine glands. For those patients who have the armpit sweating together with the hand sweating sympathectomy will help in about 75 to 80% of the cases.

Many patients state that after using a regular deoderant is enough to control their axillary sweating, but they also state that it doesn’t last for last period of time. To see descriptions written in the book of Stop Sweating and Start Livingclick here

The most 2 common sweaty regions are covered right now,

let’s move to another part which is treatment:

1- antiperspirants: For mild to moderate cases axillary sweating antiperspirants  would be a good solution for this case, but in excessive sweating cases it would be difficult to control such thing, so Stop Sweating and Start Living Book is giving some tips on how to Stop Sweating for Good and then lead a normal life, without paying a lot of bills like before.

2-Botox® : Botox ® is the commercial name given to a toxin which is produced from botulism toxin. It blocks the chemical transmitter that causes sweating. It is used mainly on isolated cases of armpit sweating. The injection of the Botox ® in the armpit areas can help the patient for about 3 to 6 months at a time. Some people try to use it to treat palmar hyperhidrosis but it is less effective and very painful. So far at present Botox® is not FDA approved for the treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis or excessive hand sweating.

This article gives you the basic concepts of Hyperhidrosis and its treatment

Please feel free to leave your comment if you wanted to ask about any part and i’ll gladly reply.

Hope it helps…..

How To Stop Armpit Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, or Hyperhidrosis, is a condition in which there is profuse sweating over some areas of the body such as the armpits, palmar feet, palms and face. You may have hyperhidrosis if you suspect excessive sweating among some parts of these areas.

In able to reduce profuse sweating, one of the most convenient and common method is the use of antiperspirants and deodorants that are available in pharmacies. Products that contain aluminum chloride are one that is common, as well as extra-strength chemical antiperspirants. In most cases, people are still suffering from hyperhidrosis even if they have tried all the different antiperspirants available in the market, because basically, it just doesn’t work for them. People’s social and physiological lives are greatly affected due to this condition. Some even lose friendships, jobs or distancing from their colleagues because of the embarrassment they feel. Some, even by just shaking their hands with someone or thinking about walking somewhere, experience profuse sweating of the hands.

On a customary basis, it’s estimated that 2-3% of Americans suffer from profuse sweating. These fraction of people squander out huge amounts of dollars over commercial products such as powders and creams, consultations from different physicians and other ways just to keep themselves from sweating.

Whenever a doctor makes an effort to diagnose hyperhidrosis, he looks for any signs that indicate excessive sweating and locate the area of the body where it happens. Finding out the solution on how to influence sweat glands that are overacting may be the best way to put a reduction over excessive underarm sweating.

Underarm sweating should not be taken in silence. If the condition is already affecting your everyday life, it needs a lot of attention. Seeking advice from a physician is the ideal way. Explaining your symptoms can help him identify the cause and cure to your problem. Isolated instances of excessive sweating, though, may be a symptom of a heart attack or stroke, so this must be taken with careful consideration. Even if you are an athletic individual who digs into a lot of training, your profuse sweating could be one of the first symptoms of condition that is something more severe.

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